You’re not alone.

We’re asking Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas how it’s going — and people are answering honestly.

Here’s what they’re saying. Some of it might sound familiar.

therapy is helping

Many in your community say that talking to someone makes all the difference.

wake up worrying

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed at times.

Talking to someone who cares can help put things in perspective.

a little rocky, but we’re working on it

3 in 5 are saying their relationships aren’t great.

You may feel alone, but you don’t have to deal with it by yourself.

I overeat…or don’t eat for days

Nearly 7 in 10 are saying they’re not eating right.

Unhealthy eating habits can be a sign of a mental health condition — talking to a professional is the first step to getting better.

completely overwhelmed

7 in 10 said stress is getting in the way of life.

Talking to someone who cares or a professional can help.

sleep? never heard of it.

1 in 3 adults get less than 7 hours of sleep every night.

Lack of sleep can lead to other health issues. Fortunately, sleep disorders can treated.

hope is a great drug

How’s it going? 7 in 10 are finding positive ways to cope.

I feel like a pendulum

Nearly 4 in 10 are saying their mood isn’t great or terrible.

If you’re always swinging back and forth, talking to someone you trust can help you break the cycle.

change in routine is causing anxiety

It’s normal to have bad days from time to time.

But if that stress becomes routine, it can be a sign of something bigger.

Our community's answers

We went to Pittsburgh's Market Square and asked how it's going.

People answered honestly — and saw that they are not alone.